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Solo Show

“Favorite Fairy Tales:

After Happily Ever After”


Viewpoint Photographic Art Center: Main Gallery

2015 J. Street, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95811-3124

Exhibit Dates: 

Wednesday, Sep. 7 to Saturday, Oct. 1

Artist Reception: 

Sunday, Sep. 18 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

2nd Saturday Opening: 

Saturday, Sep. 10 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Did you grow up reading Fairy Tales or have them read to you? Have you ever wondered what happened to all those Fairy tale Characters after the story ended?  Where did your imagination take you?


This show is a natural extension of my “wondering” about those characters and what they’d be like today. The images start with portraits I have taken with the canvas in mind. I then work with the photos digitally and breath new life into the iconic fairy tale characters. There is a story for each one and I hope you can imagine it and even come up with ideas of your own.


This project started at the beginning of the Pandemic and crystalized as I continued working on my vision. As insane as the idea sounds, it helped me keep my sanity during a very crazy time in the world.My hope is that these images inspire you to follow the threads of your imagination and expand on possibilities you create.

I use photography as a means to blend the real world and the fantastic world. I make pictures that call attention to things that other people might overlook or consider mundane by adding a twist or a bit of whimsy. My goal is to make photographs that make the viewer go “AHA, how fun” and draw them into the absurdity of the mundane.


My photography becomes the basis for my digital art. I explore worlds that can only happen in fantasy and fiction. I enjoy incorporating people in my worlds where they can explore their inner world of delight. 


I’ve always looked at the world through a lens, whether that be the lens of a Marriage and Family Therapist working in Psychiatry or through the lens of a camera.


Since I received my first camera at age 7, I’ve been fascinated by photography and people. Yes, a lens allows me to step back to observe and record. Now that I’m retired from my professional work of providing feedback on how other people view the world, I can now use my photography lens to record and expand my views of my world.I have been privileged to win the Best Photography Award at the California State Fair 2018.It was quite a surprise as it was the first time I’ve ever entered it. I had no intention other than to share my creative vision of the State Fair.


Since that amazing win, I have shown at a number of venues including Viewpoint Gallery, Nevada City Winery, Wild and Scenic Film Festival Art Show in Nevada City, and have had my work accepted for the past three years to the KVIE Art Auction.One of my photos will be in next year’s Sutter Buttes Calendar.


My photo of the Bodie Hotel has been featured in their 2017 Bodie Calendar and made into a postcard sold at their gift shop.


I am currently the immediate Past President of the Nevada County Camera Club and the current Vice President providing programming for our monthly meetings. This affiliation has nurtured and challenged me to be my authentic creative self. I’m also a Professional Member of Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley where my photos have been honored during Image Competitions.